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The Team
Joe Priday


Joe Priday

After moving onto Church Hill and falling in love with the location, we embarked on significant works to our own property and access way, including moving power lines beneath the ground.

During these works we began to dream of developing a really special landmark structure that would seamlessly blend into and enhance the landscape. Our land beside our current house seemed perfect to try to achieve that aim.

We needed to get “it” spot on, and that takes time, immense effort and a lot of money to get a development perfect.

Squirrel Design Architectural Consultants Chagford Devon


Squirrel Design

A small award winning, multi-disciplined, creative and dynamic architectural practice that has been established in the town of Chagford for over 25 years. Squirrel Design services domestic and commercial markets offering solutions on large and small projects in this country and abroad. The past decade has seen an increase in commissions for individual houses following the success of some ground breaking designs and the resulting publicity.

The practice has also been closely involved in specialist building manufacture and recently won an award from the Royal College of Art and Times newspaper for a building completely manufactured offsite. Some of the manufacturing techniques used in the award winning building will be enhanced and influence the design of the proposal.


As leader of the design team my role has been to harness the skills and experience of the  members and use them to shape and mould the embryonic concept into an exciting, innovative, yet highly functional building of outstanding architectural merit. I am looking forward to working with the team and client to transform our dreams and aspirations into reality.

One of the most exciting and interesting factors of the Hux Shard design for me is the process that turned the simple concept of a sculpture in the landscape into a dwelling of outstanding architectural merit and innovation; all with a unique sense of fun and intrigue.


As part of the design team my key roles within the project have varied from initial concept design development, co-ordination of design presentation preparation and delivery, model making and 3D visualisation. Using this skill base has enabled the proposal to be shown at numerous scales and levels of detail using varied media, culminating in a proposal that not only shows how it integrates into the landscape but how it’s form and interior occupation assimilates with the proposals stature of being of the highest architectural standards.

Conveying the complexities of this proposal to provide a clear and concise appraisal of how this project will assimilate into the landscape have been my most important contributions to date.

The Hux Shard project encompasses a fusion of many individual features that have produced a building of outstanding architectural merit and innovation with a unique sense of fun and intrigue; it will produce more energy than it consumes and significantly improve the biodiversity of its immediate surroundings – features that will hopefully influence and improve future the quality of build in rural areas.

TWP Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers


TWP are a privately owned Structural, Civil, Infrastructure and Transportation Engineering Consultancy, that have built up an impressive list of completed projects throughout the South West since their inception in 1986.

Based in the heart of Exeter, the company prides itself on maintaining a reputation for efficient delivery of practical and cost-effective engineering solutions on a variety of projects, both large and small.

Covering market sectors from residential, commercial, leisure, education and healthcare over nearly 30 years, the company has an enviable portfolio of both landmark projects and satisfied clients.

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Redbay Design Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects

Redbay Design: Landscape Consultants

We are committed to raising the quality of our environment through creative design assisted by 20 years of technical expertise in construction, horticulture and landscape management. This helps us to deliver exciting schemes that are fit for purpose and meet strict budget requirements.

Starting out as a design based practice we’ve evolved our skills to encompass a wider landscape planning service.

We offer a personal and bespoke service to our clients that goes beyond providing core landscape services. We are able to co-ordinate consultants from other environmental disciplines and have good working relationships with many such organisations including arboriculture, ecology and land surveyors throughout the South of England.

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O'Neill Ecology

Environmental Consultant

O’Neill Ecology

Established in 2010 and based in South West England, O’Neill Ecology is a leading, independent ecological consultancy with a reputation for providing a high quality and cost effective service for clients in both the public and private sectors. We are able to provide advice on a comprehensive range of ecological services from initial site assessment to the design and implementation of mitigation solutions. We can also provide an Ecological Clerks of Works service.

Our clients include architects, engineering consultancies, industry, statutory agencies (e.g. the Environment Agency) and other environmental consultancies. Our reputation for providing a high quality service ensures that clients return again and again.

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5D Group Renewable Energy Consultants

Renewable Energy Consultants


5D GROUP was born in 2009 of two Directors with one vision; to bring clarity and practical advice on renewable energy solutions for the benefit of all. Based in the South West, and working nationwide, we have an experienced team with extensive knowledge in the renewable sector. Our strength lies in our passion for identifying, designing and delivering sustainable energy projects for our clients.

At 5D GROUP we take pride in getting to know our clients by taking time to fully understand what they are trying to achieve. As a result, we ensure we deliver schemes that meet their aims. We treat each project as an individual challenge using a customer focussed approach to turn dreams into reality. Our design expertise ensures clients get the best possible advice before embarking on any renewable project.

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Rees Kenyon Design Consultant

Web Designer


Rees Kenyon is a West Devon based graphic design and internet consultant. As of 2021 he has been in the design industry for 31 years having designed his first website in 2000. He services many business types and sizes and is heavily involved in eCommerce projects, branding and brochure design.

His goal is very simple… To give you excellent design, excellent value and first class customer service.

Rees was commissioned to design and produce this website as a long term resource. The Hux Shard site is a complex mesh of architectural, landscape, structural and ecological imagery with accompanying data. Unravelling this information was a challenging task.

I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I was commissioned to produce the Hux Shard website. It’s not often a project this exciting lands on your desk!