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Close collaboration between the ecologist and landscape architect took place together with the rest of the design team. The scheme has a rich mosaic of habitat providing a moderate beneficial impact on the ecological value of the site.

Ecological Study

A quick reference for the gains, losses and balance within the new development. Overall the gains outweigh the losses which is a positive use of the site.

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Mature trees
One mature apple tree.
Planting of 16m of standard trees and planting of native tree and shrub species along the retained section of the existing central hedge bank.
Creation of more valuable habitat for biodiversity.
Minor beneficial, Site.
Improved grassed paddocks2931m31700m2 of species rich grassland and 569m2 of semi-improved grassland.Loss of 662m2 of amenity grassland. However, creation of species rich grassland with flowering plants within the sward of value to invertebrates and foraging habitat for badgers.Minor beneficial, Site, as replacement with more valuable habitat.
PondNone.Creation of new 21m2 pond adjacent to the dwelling and a second pond adjacent to the southern boundary.Creation of more valuable habitat for biodiversity (amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates).Moderate beneficial, Site.
Green / brown roofNone.Creation of a new green/brown roof over the utility area.Creation of more valuable habitat for biodiversity.Moderate beneficial, Site.
BatsNo loss of bat habitat.New bat roosting opportunities: new insulated roost for bats along the eastern aspect of the new building and three new wooden bat boxes on retained oak trees.New roosting opportunities.Minor beneficial, Site.
HedgehogsNone.Hedgehog box along the southern site boundary.New artificial refugia.Potential increase in the use of the site by hedgehogs – moderate beneficial at a Site level.
Breeding birdsNone.New planting of 50m of evergreen hedgebank and 16m of standard trees with bird nesting potential. Four wooden bird boxes on retained trees.Creation of more valuable habitat for biodiversity.Minor beneficial, Site.