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Paragraph 55 / Para 79

Inhabiting a Sculpture
Hux Shard Rendered Concept


The Hux Shard project, an inspirational building, designed to be carbon negative, use local materials, be ecological, complement the landscape and be a long term educational asset. Designed under the NPPF Paragraph 79 guidelines.

Featured above is an artistic illustration of the building based on an accurate CAD drawing.

The project is a truly outstanding and innovative design, helping to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas. Reflecting the highest standards in architecture, the project will significantly enhance its immediate setting and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.


The design team explored fractured wall panels and how they started to form a linear arrangement depicted by the entrance level contour.

Hux Shard Fractured Wall Panels


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The building’s relationship with the landscape was the initial design driver. A bolder, cleaner, elegant form has been chosen rather than an earth sheltered house lowered and sunken into the landscape.
Huxshard Architectural Project


The aim is to produce a building on a site that improves the ecology, enhances its surroundings and provides energy for the country; generally speaking most development sites do precisely the opposite and hopefully this project can provide a didactic solution to address this issue.

Carbon negativity

The building would produce more energy than it consumes.

Local materials

The use of local and recycled materials have been integrated into the design.


There are no special or unusual features but instead carefully crafted methods, marginal gains, materials and management have been utilised in an efficient, ecological and artistic form.


The knowledge and experience gained will be published on this website and made available to the public. In addition the performance of the building would be monitored and an annual open day would be held to enable future builders and designers to learn from the building methods and details used. This could be very useful for the self build market that the government are currently nurturing.