Locally Sourced Materials & Crisp Innovative Details

The structural frame and some of the floor and roof joists would be manufactured from locally sourced Douglas Fir or Larch, chosen for its strength, availability and durability. Much of the smaller panel timbers would also be produced from locally sourced timber but more likely to be Sitka Spruce.

  • Roof: The roof covering would be grass; a layout of the roof is illustrated here. The roof is briefly discussed in the ecological assessment.
  • Wall Panels: The wall panels would be clad externally with zinc. The design team considered other materials and claddings but opted for zinc because it could provide a homogenous finish with crisp corner details and the overall sculpted element effect that they were looking for. The longevity and weathering properties of zinc far outweigh the other materials considered.
  • Glazing: Triple pane with the supporting framework concealed behind the external cladding to give a frameless feature.
  • Landscape: Materials and finishes are described here.
  • Floor Panels: Manufactured in a similar way to the roof panels.
  • Heat Sink: Crushed recycled brick bonded together with a cementitious material that will cope with the heat generated. The heat sink would not be structural and would therefore have a reduced cement content compared with a concrete structure of a similar size. More on this here.
Glazed Folding Doors

Wall Construction Cross Section

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